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Acquire and onboard ready-to-cook restaurants with a click

In our company group, we have been helping restaurants to centralize their operations in terms of menu management and automatic order entry in their POS for more than 7 years. Our conclusion is that it is not enough, or not for everyone.

With Disqober we solve the serious problems that restaurants have in knowing which platforms they can sell on, how to register and how to manage the chaotic invoices and payments.

How it works?


As we are the food seller, we are for you just a big restaurant partner, and we sign as the service responsible


We provide you our API for platforms or we integrate your platform using your APIs


We automate the restaurants onboarding attending your processes and/or APIs


You get pre-paid orders from your clients, in your apps. We receive and prepare through our restaurants kitchens.

Payments & Invoice

You generate the liquidation and pay us as with other restaurants, taking the agreed commissions

Restaurant payments

We pay the products served by the restaurant, in a single invoice, applying the agreed discounts

Frequently asked questions

We provide you a network of ready-to-cook restaurants and your cost is the commission discount we negotiate together

To avoid acquisition and onboarding costs, and to access to exclusive restaurants working only with us. Also to avoid hardware and maintenance costs.

We are ready for you to provide the delivery service. If you do not provide it, the orders will be delivered by the restaurant staff or by an external delivery service.

Because is too difficult for a restaurant to manage complex and multiple contracts, onboarding, devices, invoices and liquidations. With Disqober they get the orders centralized and only one invoice and liquidation.

We can manage delivery orders with your delivery service, delivery orders with the restaurant or external delivery service, takeaway orders, reservations with pre-orders and in-situ orders in the restaurant

We provide our own apps and printers to the restaurants, but we also integrate the orders in their POS. We have more than 200 integrations.

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