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Collaborator types

Explore opportunities depending on your industry role

Hotels and tourist accommodations

Hotels wanting to improve their guests experience offering options to order food from the room

Local delivery companies

Companies offering on-demand delivery services wanting to operate with their own marketplace platform

Restaurants influencers

Chefs and influencers wanting to recommend restaurants to their followers and monetize the leads


Commercial areas wanting to offer to their visitors a way to discover restaurants inside their area

City councils and guilds

Entities wanting to empower the local consumption in their restaurants

Trade fairs

Event management companies wanting to provide a service to their visitors and boost the consumption in the event area

Our services

We provide all you need to operate as marketplace

Disqober Front API

If you can develop the visible part of your applications, we take care of the back and we provide you our API for frontend

Disqober Apps

If you cannot develop anything, we provide fully working applications for your marketplace (web, mobile, QR, kiosk and tablet apps)

Disqober Pay

We process the payments of your consumers so you do not have to contract a payment gateway

Disqober Wallet

We liquidate and pay the restaurant orders and you do not have to do accounting tasks and transfers

Frequently asked questions

If you are already operating with your own platform or you can develop it, please go to the section for marketplaces of this site

We build the technology and we process everything, but the marketplace is yours, so you decide the commission that restaurants have to pay. We take part of your commission and you receive the difference by bank transfer.

You only have to promote your marketplace to your customers or audience, in order to generate orders for you to get commissions.

We can manage delivery orders delivered by the restaurant or external delivery services, takeaway orders, reservations with pre-orders and in-situ orders in the restaurant

We take care of everything related to the restaurant, you do not have to talk with them.

We acquire restaurants for your marketplace, but if you want to add a restaurant not working with us, you have to invite the restaurant to join our network.

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