Upload your menu and get multi-platform orders

We accelerate and simplify your restaurant sales. One contract, one invoice and one payment.

How it works?

Products & Schedule

Provide us your current menu with your prices and the schedule you are available to cook

Order types

Choose the formats you want: delivery, takeaway, reservations, table-service, ...


Select the marketplaces you want to sell in and we automatically publish your restaurant


We create your Disqober link and QR where your clients can see all the platforms they can order with


You receive orders in a printer or app, and you prepare them to be pickep up at the indicated time


We pay you the served products, applying the agreed discount and in a single bank transfer

Multichannel flat rate, without fixed costs

We inmediately activate all your platforms, and you only pay if you receive orders.
Everything is optional, so you can regulate the order types and the channels you want to sell in.

Delivery orders (without delivery service)
You provide the delivery service
5 - 15 %
Delivery orders (with delivery service)
The order is delivered by the marketplace
20 - 30 %
Takeaway orders
The consumer will pick up the order
5 - 15 %
Reservations with pre-order
The consumer will eat at the restaurant
5 - 15 %
Insitu orders
The consumer orders and pays in your restaurant
2 - 4 %
The discounts depends on the marketplace and the order type you select. Check all the available channels and prices in your Disqober dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Disqober was created to allow restaurants that have a great product and production capacity to sell online and make money, but without the usual complications. The goal is that you only have to cook and forget about everything else.

Our proposal is that you only cook and forget everything else, because we have solutions to deliver your orders with the online platforms and/or on-demand delivery services, but if you already have your own delivery team, you can define your operating area and delivery price and deliver your own orders. In case you deliver, the final consumer will have better conditions than delegating the delivery to third-party companies.

Precisely for you the platform is intended. You have a good hand in the kitchen but you don't understand technology, you don't understand the delivery business. Are we right?

We can operate with your our brand or design a new brand for your business, thanks to our experts and AI tools

We are integrated with more than 200 applications and platforms and we can integrate orders into virtually any post market software

We have agreements with many sales channels, both national and local. You can check the list of platforms in your dashboard.

We always pay you. For our platform to work and for you to really focus on just cooking, we are the ones who must interact with sales platforms. You will receive a single transfer, regardless of the brand or platform where the product was sold.

No, Disqober buys your food and sell it in marketplaces for you to avoid having contracts, invoices and payments with all of them

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