We sell your food on online platforms

Send us your products, prepare orders and get your money. Forget everything else.

How it works?

Products & Schedule

Send us your current menu with your prices and the schedule you are available to cook

Brand & Menu

We create or improve your brand, adding products photos and descriptions, with AI


We validate together the fixed amount you receive per product and the final price for platforms


We sell your products on multiple platforms. You do not have to do anything.


You receive orders in a printer or app, and you prepare them to be pickep up at the indicated time


We pay you the served products, at the agreed price, without commissions and in a single bank transfer

Frequently asked questions

You will not pay commissions or have surprises because you decide the specific price you want to get for each product. If we detect your prices are not valid to sell online, we will suggest you reducing your prices, so the final price the consumer has to pay is reasonable. We earn money thanks to our high volume of orders with the online platforms.

Disqober was created to allow restaurants that have a great product and production capacity to sell online and make money, but without the usual complications. The goal is that you only have to cook and forget about everything else.

Our proposal is that you only cook and forget everything else, because we have solutions to deliver your orders with the online platforms and/or on-demand delivery services, but if you already have your own delivery team, you can define your operating area and delivery price and deliver your own orders. In case you deliver, the final consumer will have better conditions than delegating the delivery to third-party companies.

If you have the time and ability to manage your brand, products, final prices, relation with platforms, delivery services, commissions and know exactly how much you get for your orders, you can contact the platforms directly and you do not need Disqober at all. On the other hand, if you need to know exactly how much you are going to get from your online sales and forget about the complexity, Disqober is your solution.

Precisely for you the platform is intended. You have a good hand in the kitchen but you don't understand technology, you don't understand the delivery business and you don't want to pay commissions. Are we right?

We can operate with your our brand or design a new brand for your business, thanks to our experts and AI tools

AI, or artificial intelligence, summarizing it a lot, it is the ability of a computer system to make decisions and do tasks that a human takes a long time to do manually.

We are integrated with more than 200 applications and platforms and we can integrate orders into virtually any post market software

We have agreements with many sales channels, both national and local. This should not worry on the day to day, since you will receive the exact orders for one platform as for another.

We always pay you. For our platform to work and for you to really focus on just cooking, we are the ones who must interact with sales platforms. You will receive a single transfer, regardless of the brand or platform where the product was sold.

Don't worry. The summary is that you provide or select what you can cook, setting your price and an optional discount. You receive orders, prepare them and you receive the money by transfer. Forget everything else. If you still have doubts, contact us and we explain it even better.

Thanks to our technology, we have the ability to know what to sell, at what price, when and where. Trends change according to the time of the year, the day of the week, the type of consumer, the weather conditions, ... therefore, only a technology based on artificial intelligence, is capable of carrying out the necessary automatic actions to generate as many orders as possible.

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